Finding an EEA/ESTA member substitute

Substitutes by Category

Elementary Substitutes Secondary Substitutes
General Ed. Art
Library English
Music F.A.C.S.E.
PE Health
Specialist Substitutes Music
Counselors Library
D.H.H. P.E.
E.L.L Science
Learning Support Social Studies
Psychologists Tech. Ed
Self Contained L.S. World Languages

Substitutes by Name

Name Email Comments
Spence, Robert
Spencer, Nancy
Spillane, Brian
Spiller, Gary
Stamnes, Marigail
Stephenson, BJ
Stern, Alison
Stewart, Amy
Stewart, Kim
Storm-Carroll, Michelle
Strash, Courtney
Stremiz, Ruth
Strenge, Colleen
Strong, Kari
Sullivan, Rachel
Summers, Karen Only available to sub Monday and Friday.
Swenson, Gerald
Taylor, Gary
Tierney, Joyce
Tiffany, James
Torres Delgado, Staysha
Treglown, Jennifer
Triggs, Judith
Truong, Hieu Thao
Tutch, Jeff
Tyler, Shannon
Uhle, Stephen
VanKempen, Myrnie
VanKlaveren, Nanette
Verver, Cheryl