Finding an EEA/ESTA member substitute

Substitutes by Category

Elementary Substitutes Secondary Substitutes
General Ed. Art
Library English
Music F.A.C.S.E.
PE Health
Specialist Substitutes Music
Counselors Library
D.H.H. P.E.
E.L.L Science
Learning Support Social Studies
Psychologists Tech. Ed
Self Contained L.S. World Languages

Substitutes by Name

Name Email Comments
Cavalle, Cynthia
Cavallon, Mary Ellen
Chamberlain, Mark
Charette, Judy
Clark, Jeff Certified in mathematics and middle school mathematics
Clark, Vicki
Clark, Cassandra
Clayton, Alexandra
Cook, Charles
Cook, Mimma
Corbett, Kathleen
Crallie, Erin
Crane, Ryan Enthusiastic, good with kids.
Cristea, Daniel I'm open to any school and any subject!
Culbert, Laurette
Cummings, Jaci
Currit, Katherine
Dalton, Kippy
Daly, Judith
Daniels, Ned
Daniels, Margaret
Davis, Elisabeth
Dedrick, Katherine I have taught all grade levels, but really love elem. and middle schoo
Dellinger, Darci
Devine, Craig CTE teacher
Dick, Stuart
Dickinson, Leslie
Dixon, Paulette
Dotson, Scott
Doughten, Susan